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Attention Canada Waterless Cookware Customers

Read this before considering purchasing Waterless Cookware from a U.S. website.



Unfortunately there are not any manufacturers of Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware in Canada. It has to be imported from other countries. Importing Waterless Cookware incurs the following expenses:

International Shipping Rates



Entry Prep Fees

Disbursement Fees

Import Handling Fees


Exchange currency fees by your credit card company (Usually between a 3.0-5.0% fee)

Beware of ordering Waterless Cookware from a US web site unless you are familiar with the above expenses and know your landed cost in Canadian Dollars prior to finalizing your order. I cannot recall how many times someone thinks they are getting a deal when they buy from a U.S. web site only to find out their total cost when it is all said and done is closer to 2 and a half times the U.S. dollar cost. A $500.00 U.S. product can easily end up being more than $1250.00 Canadian by the time you receive it. We have no hidden costs.

We import in volume which is a savings we pass onto you the customer. We also stock parts here in Canada if there were to be any warranty or damage issues.

By purchasing from a company located in Canada rather than the U.S. you are protected by Canada's consumer protection laws. When you purchase something from a U.S. company you are on your own.

Shipments within Canada are Free on orders over $150.00.

No P.S.T. as our office is located in Alberta.


Waterless Cookware USA


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