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Lose Weight with Waterless Cookware

Waterless Cookware USA


Lose Weight with NutriCuisine Greaseless Cookware


There are several ways that our Greaseless Cookware can help you lose weight

1. You no longer need to add any grease of any kind when cooking with greaseless cookware. This includes butter, margarine, lard and all other cooking oils. Eliminating these added fats from your cooking greatly reduces your calorie intake. The added benefit is it is also much healthier to cook without these fats and greases.


2. Less water is lost from your food so when you cook with your greaseless cookware you require less food to feel full due to the much higher water content in food that is cooked in our greaseless steam control system. You can immediately see the difference in less food shrinkage compared with all other cooking methods. Many foods shrink up to 30% when cooked the old fashioned way which means you will only want to eat 70% of what you use to eat to get the same full feeling. The added bonus is that most people feel better when eating this way due to the higher water content in your diet. Most individuals go through their entire life being dehydrated. The average person does not even feel thirsty until their body is deficient in water by 2 quarts. This is the body's way of saying its gas tank is nearing empty and we all no how likely it is to run out of gas if you always drive your car when the needle is almost on empty.


3. When you cook the old fashioned way you cook all the natural flavor out of the food. We then want to flavor our food by adding salt and other flavor enhances which contain salt to our food. Salt absorbs water and and causes water retention which in turn makes us weigh more. By no longer needing or wanting to add salt and other flavor enhancers to our food because your food tastes great without it we reduce the risk of creating water retention in our bodies. The added benefit is we all know the health dangers that salt can contribute to, especially heart disease.


Waterless Cookware USA


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